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Criminal Defense Attorneys at Lenamon Law

Our team at Lenamon Law is experienced in all aspects of federal and Florida criminal law. We cover a wide range of criminal defense practice areas and have defended thousands of cases ranging from misdemeanors to felonies and capital crimes.

One of our firm’s most valuable assets is our experience. With over 100 jury trials to our name, we defend clients accused of the most serious crimes, who face the most serious punishments. No matter what the charges, we guide and defend without judgment.

If a client is arrested on criminal charges, we immediately intervene with the prosecutors, convincing them to not file charges. We fight to get you out on a reasonable bond.

If charges are filed in your case, we negotiate with the prosecutors for dismissal or a reduction of charges. If our client decides not to proceed to trial, our ultimate goal is to land the best possible plea agreement.

Before trial, our skilled lawyers file appropriate pre-trial motions, such as: suppression of illegal evidence, severance of charges, and the appointment of experts. These steps play an extremely important part in the outcome of our client’s case.

Criminal Defense Practices