If your criminal case received an unfavorable result, our experienced firm can help. Our firm handles both Federal and State appeals in criminal cases. Members of our team have worked as interns for federal trial judges and for state appellate judges. Our experienced trial attorneys can assist in laying the proper record for subsequent appeals.

If you receive a conviction, sentencing becomes a critical issues. Our firm employs investigators, medical doctors, psychologists, and mitigation specialists to prevent the most favorable circumstances to the judge at this critical juncture.

A direct appeal from a verdict allows the higher District Court of Appeal to review the trial. If the judge made a mistake, you may get a new trial, sentencing, or even a reversal. We will file petitions for certiorari, mandamus, and prohibition to challenge rulings during the course of your case. Even a guilty plea may be vacated under certain circumstances. Post-conviction relief is possible if you had ineffective assistance of counsel.

Our practice areas include federal and state actions, including:

  • Criminal Appeals
  • Petitions
  • Judicial disqualification
  • Amicus Briefs
  • Motions to correct an illegal sentence
  • Motions for new trial
  • Sentencing
  • Motions to vacate plea
  • Trial Support
  • 3.850 proceedings