Drug Crimes

Drug Crimes

Drug Defense Lawyers

A personalized drug defense strategy from a Lenamon Law drug defense lawyer means strength in the courtroom…

Every case is different. Your case is different. Our drug defense lawyers determine the facts of your case. We evaluate all options. We examine every detail. And our years of trial experience, along with our thorough understanding of the criminal justice system, are the keys to our mastery in—and out of— the courtroom.

Drug crimes, such as drug trafficking crimes or drug manufacturing, are serious charges, often carrying minimum statutory penalties and severe consequences. Lenamon Law drug crimes attorneys are more than prepared to fight for you because we know the system you are up against—whether you are charged as an individual or as part of a conspiracy, whether they are federal or state charges, felony crime or misdemeanor.

Not only are Lenamon Law’s drug defense attorneys well versed in the government’s stance against illegal substances, but we have extensive experience with mental health issues. Our knowledge of this field brings another important aspect into the evaluation of your specific case and often results in the lessening of sentences depending on the drug and its intended use.

We fight for dismissals, lighter sentences, different treatment options, deferred prosecution, or to bring the charges before a full jury based on your individual case and circumstance.

Lenamon Law drug defense attorneys have worked with defendants facing state and federal charges including:

  • Drug distribution
  • Drug Manufacturing
  • Drugs Trafficking
  • Possession
  • Possession of paraphernalia
  • Possession with intent to sell
  • Organizing an international drug ring
  • Running an international drug ring
  • Conspriacy

If you or a loved one is facing federal or state drug crime charges and facing the risk of incarceration, loss of personal assets or monetary fines, call us today for a free and confidential consultation at (305) 373 9911.