DUI Cases

DUI Cases

We hold the key to getting your life back on the road. 

Important: Act quickly. You only have ten days after your DUI ticket to request a DMV hearing to get your license back.

Miami DUI Defense Lawyers

Even when the facts aren’t favorable, Lenamon Law DUI attorneys stand strong and work with conviction to dismantle the case brought against you. Why? Because our DUI defense lawyers have extensive experience in Miami and utilize expert strategies when you need them most.

  • As one of our specialties, Lenamon Law DUI defense attorneys know DUI laws and police procedures in Miami down to the most crucial detail.
  • Our DUI lawyers incorporate intensive pre-trial motion practice into their preparation strategy.
  • Our DUI lawyers practice proper jury selection.
  • The DUI lawyers at Lenamon Law are experienced, skilled and trained in the cross examination of witnesses.

Miami Drunk Driving Charges

Being charged with driving under the influence in Miami is a serious offense. The consequences range from driver’s license suspension, costly fines, court fees, time in jail, a marred criminal record and increased automobile insurance premiums. Even if it’s your first drunk driving charge in Miami, do not ignore it because the penalties increase with subsequent convictions.

Our DUI defense attorneys at Lenamon Law expertly defend:

  • Misdemeanor DUI
  • Felony DUI
  • DUI manslaughter
  • DUI property damage
  • DUI refusals
  • Driving with suspended license

Lenamon Law urges you to take immediate action. Call today if you or a loved one is facing DUI or related charges and schedule a free and confidential consultation. (305) 373-9911